No-gi Jiu jitsu/Wrestling:

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the innovation of the Japanese art of Jiu-jitsu by Helio Gracie.

  • BJJ is primarily a grappling art that utilizes leverage and anatomical vulnerabilities to win/submit opponents or defend/escape from attackers.

  • The takedown and control emphasis in Wrestling blends seamlessly into the BJJ game.

  • At MTC we emphasize proficiency in takedowns and submission game.  

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Kickboxing/Muay Thai:

  • Derived from Thailand, this kickboxing art is called the art of 8 limbs because it utilizes kicks, knees, punches, and elbows as weapons.

  • Muay Thai is a sports entity itself, additionally athletes compete in kickboxing promotions such as Glory or K-1; and traditional boxing events.

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  • Our boxing program is fit for all levels

  • Our facility is outfitted with a ring and other amenities to help members improve their boxing skill.

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